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Swallowed By The Cracks

By Lee Thomas, Gary McMahon, S.G. Browne and Michael Marshall Smith

Dark Arts Books’ seventh title debuted at the World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas, on April 28, 2011!

Life is fleeting.  Things happen quickly. One moment you’re at the office, or maybe sitting in your living room; more of the same old, same old. And the next…You’re gone. Forever.

For the brave, sixteen tales of those sudden moments when life goes from light to dark, laughing to screaming, bad to worse.  Scary to…unspeakable.

Four of horror’s brightest talents light up the corners, illuminate the shadows and show you–ready or not–what’s there in the dark, where if you’re not careful, you might end up SWALLOWED BY THE CRACKS.

Once again, we’ve assembled a killer lineup of top-notch talent–and they have delivered some amazing stories!

Lee Thomas, Stoker-Award winning author, shares emotionally-devastating tales spanning the Victorian-Steampunk era (“The Dodd Contrivance”) to the newest terror trawling Internet chat rooms (“Appetite of the Cyber Tribes”) and more.

Gary McMahon, drawing favorable comparisons to Ramsey Campbell in his native England, shows just why in tales ranging from feverish nightmares (“The Ghost in You”) to coldly-calculated terror (“Creep”) and everything in between.

S.G. Browne, fresh from the success of his ingenious novels BREATHERS and FATED, explores male sexual fantasies run amok in “Dream Girls,” science run amok in “Dr. Lullaby,” a charming small town run amok in “Lower Slaughter,” and, perhaps most terrifying, a writer run amok in “Lord of Words.”

Michael Marshall Smith shows why he is an international sensation with pieces ranging thought-provoking (“REMTemps) to horrifying (“What Goes on in Their Minds”) to whimsical (“Dave 2 Beta 2”).

Another hugely enjoyable collection of the best dark fiction writing by today’s most talented authors, courtesy of your friends at Dark Arts Books.


Lee Thomas
Appetite of the Cyber Tribes
I’m Your Violence
The Dodd Contrivance
Before You Go

Gary McMahon
A Night Unburdened
The Ghost in You
My Name is Natasha Putkin

S.G. Browne
Dream Girls
Lower Slaughter
The Lord of Words
Dr. Lullaby

Michael Marshall Smith
Death Light
What Goes on in Their Heads
Dave 2 Beta 2

Swallowed by the Cracks
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Swallowed By The Cracks
ISBN: 0-9779686-6-9
Release Date: 2011
Trade Paperback: 308 pages


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“A worthy successor to Clive Barker, Lee Thomas has a firm grasp of both the epic and intimate aspects of horror fiction.”

“[Gary McMahon] is firmly within the front ranks of the new wave of British horror.”

S.G. Browne’s mind must be as active as a pinball machine surrounded by 10-year-old boys.”

“[Michael Marshall Smith] is as genre-defining as William Gibson and as relentlessly readable as Michael Crichton.”