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Dark Arts Books - Our Titles

Dark Arts Books has published seven critically acclaimed anthologies since its launch in 2006, with the mission of producing affordable trade paperbacks spotlighting a survey of the work of four authors each. We have also published single author collections and novels. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full table of contents, author lists, reviews and free fiction excerpts from each title. Buy our books in the Dark Arts Store!


Redemption by John Everson The Family Tree by John Everson NightWhere by John Everson Violet Eyes by John Everson Rough Cut by Brian Pinkerton

Single Author Collections:

synchronizedsleepwalking-144 The Dark Underbelly of Hymns The Crawling Abattoir Vigilantes of Love Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions Sacrificing Virgins by John Everson


Swallowed By The Cracks Mighty Unclean Like A Chinese Tattoo Sins of the Sirens Waiting For October Candy In The Dumpster