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March 2017
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At last, you can now get… REDEMPTION!

Posted February 6, 2017

Redemption-John-EversonDark Arts Books has released REDEMPTION, the final book in John Everson’s horror trilogy that began in his Bram Stoker Award-winning first novel, COVENANT. If you like your horror fiction filled with demons and depravity… this is the novel for you! The e-book and trade paperback are both now available on Amazon.

Hardcore horror’s patron saint, Edward Lee, author of Haunter of the Threshold, City Infernal and Header said this about the new novel:

“Redemption unfolds as horror-hero Joe Kieran’s finish-line sprint down the last leg of Everson’s addictive occult storyline of blood-gushing demonic machinations, cursed existential characters, and abominations incarnate. 

Everson is a MASTER of the hardcore; he’s the rare kind of writer who’s so good you can’t proceed with your day until the book is finished.  No matter what you have planned, forget it; you won’t bother until you’ve turned the last page. (I missed a playoff game because of this book!)  Everson kicks out the jambs in this gory story of haunted religious missions, mind-boggling sex-rituals, and jaunts into Hell (and let’s not forget the communal demonic toilet!)  The Little Mermaid this ain’t. This is balls-to-the-wall, no-f–ing-around hardcore horror that hits the reader with the impact of a bucket of hot blood and innards in the face.  Read it!”

Redemption is Everson’s first novel since 2014’s The Family Tree, and picks up immediately after his second novel, 2007’s Sacrifice left off.  Covenant, Sacrifice and Redemption are all Kindle Select titles, which means subscribers to the Kindle Unlimited program can read all three books in the trilogy for free as part of their subscription.

View all three books in “The Curburide Chronicles” trilogy here.

The Curburide Chronicles by John Everson


Now on Dark Arts Books: Brian Pinkerton’s ROUGH CUT!

Posted January 23, 2017

Rough Cut by Brian PinkertonSix years ago this month, Roy Robbins, the publisher of Bad Moon Books, reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in designing the cover for fellow Chicago horror writer Brian Pinkerton. I said possibly, let me take a look at the manuscript. And when I read it… wow. I couldn’t wait to do the cover.  Rough Cut is seriously one of my favorite horror novels that I’ve read in the past ten years. And it inspired one of the best book cover designs I think I’ve done.

So… a few weeks ago when Bad Moon phased out the last of their original book line… I was super excited when Brian agreed to have Dark Arts Books take on the paperback edition of Rough Cut. (Crossroad Press currently publishes the e-book edition).  I’m proud to have had anything to do with this novel…  and I’m excited to be able to bring it to more readers.

Here’s the description of the novel:

Horror legend Harry Tuttle is desperate for a hit. Harry’s career has been on a painful slide ever since he directed a couple of box office winners in the 1980s. Enter Marcus Stegman, a young unknown with a horror picture of his own. It’s not only a brilliant debut — it’s the movie Harry always dreamed of making. A rivalry ensues — and it’s about to become bloody. A suspicious film critic, beautiful young starlet, and deranged fan become entangled in the cut-throat competition where hungry hopefuls will go to any means necessary to break into the big-time…and no one is safe.

Read Rough Cut… NOW!   You can thank me later.

–John Everson

Dark Arts Books to publish John Everson’s REDEMPTION!

Posted November 28, 2016

In January, Dark Arts Books will publish Redemption, the final novel in John Everson‘s demonic trilogy that started with the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel Covenant over a decade ago.

To promote the launch of this climactic new novel, a Kickstarter Campaign is running throughout December.

Please consider supporting the Kickstarter this month to get your name listed in the acknowledgments of the book and an autographed, personalized copy as soon as it’s released!  You can even get a complete set of the trilogy in trade paperback. Click the video to learn more or click the Pledge graphic to visit the Kickstarter website:


Goodbye Robert Weinberg… will watch for you on Mars.

Posted September 26, 2016

bobweinberg-johneversonI was working in Los Angeles today when my wife Geri texted me from Chicago to let me know that amazing author, editor and all-round good soul Bob Weinberg had died. It has weighed heavy on my mind these past few hours as I finished my day working here.

Bob was one of the first and best writers I met on the “Chicago” scene when I first began publishing my own work in the ’90s. He was an inspiration, and I was privileged to design a book of his short fiction (The Occult Detective) for Twilight Tales and later to publish some of his stories here on my own Dark Arts Books press (When The Night Comes Down). Bob was a prolific author, co-founder of Chicago Comic Con, and an editor who compiled dozens of horror anthologies with Stefan R. Dziemianowicz and Martin H. Greenberg in the ’80s and ’90s.

bobweinbergI’ve reposted a photo here of Bob and Phyllis from Bob’s 70th birthday party just three weeks ago.

I always wanted to see Bob in person more than I ever got to and some day tour his home “genre museum.” Once when I did a library reading near his house, we had planned to do that… but then health got in the way. He lived just a few miles from where I grew up, and yet, somehow I never saw his fabled collection of books, posters, and horror/sci-fi memorabilia. And now never will.

14484897_10157312461910012_7051053488607920048_nI was honored to have been able to know him, and sign books near him more than once, including at World Horror Convention 2002 (where the first photo of us hails from – the other is from a panel at World Horror 2001). I will always remember him, and dream of Mars in his honor. When we land a manned mission there, I will speak his name.

What does that last sentence have to do with anything? Read Bob’s essay from just over a year ago called “A Dream of Mars” on his Facebook wall:

Rest in peace, Bob. And thanks for all the amazing stories. I’m glad to have known you, and gotten the chance to work with you, if even just a little bit.

occultdet whenthenight

R.I.P. John Sumakis, aka David Thomas Lord

Posted April 1, 2016

JohnSumakisJohn Sumakis’s sister Rita has announced that John, who wrote under the name David Thomas Lord, passed away yesterday afternoon. John was the the vampire novels Bound in Blood and Bound in Flesh, both nominees for the Lambda Award. He was also a huge supporter of Dark Arts Books, and one of our early anthology authors.

I first met him at the World Horror Convention in San Francisco, back in 2006, which is where the very first Dark Arts Books release, Candy in the Dumpster, came out. He was always very supportive of the press and appeared in our 4th release Like A Chinese Tattoo, which went on to be a Bram Stoker Award nominee the year of its release. I didn’t see John in person very often, as he didn’t attend conventions much over the past few years, but he was always a joy to correspond with. The world has lost another light. And the literary world has lost a fine, imaginative author.

R.I.P. John.

— John Everson

5-Star “Twisted Sick Hilarious” Praise for THE CRAWLING ABATTOIR

Posted March 27, 2016

coverMartin Mundt’s The Crawling Abattoir has been hitting the sick spot with horror readers this week. The book picked up two new 5-star reader reviews on Amazon over the last couple days.

One called it “a great collection of short stories! Obscene, funny, smart, gross and hysterical this collection is totally worth the investment!!”

The other called it a “Must Read” and described it as “Perverse, funny, twisted, sick, hilarious. Not many stories use ‘lovesick necrophiliac’ in their dialog. The stories are all great but the last one will leave you Laughing out loud.”

Download a copy and check it out here on Amazon.


Posted March 18, 2016

A new review of Martin Mundt’s SYNCHRONIZED SLEEPWALKING over at Confessions of a Book Reviewer gives the new Dark Arts Books fiction collection 5 stars and says:

“It possesses some of the most bizarre stories I have ever read. It possesses probably the best short story I have ever read in ‘The Pale Blue Zenith of the Sky.’ It possesses one of the scariest stories I have ever read in ‘To Continue Forever.’ It possesses probably the funniest trilogy of stories I have read about a super hero chicken, ‘El Pollo.’

What it definitely shows us is the varied and mighty impressive imagination of Martin Mundt. Sometimes horrific, sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, his writing is just fantastic. His pacing is perfect. His use of language and vocabulary super and so perfectly fitting for each and every story.”

Check out the full review here… and then… follow the links and check out the book. Because… I know… you’re going to love it!!!

THE CRAWLING ABATTOIR hits #1 on Amazon Horror Humor Chart!

Posted March 2, 2016

Martin Mundt’s The Crawling Abattoir has just hit #1 on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller’s List for Horror Humor!!! And it’s actually in the top 525 sellers on all of Amazon right now!

Dark Arts Books put both The Crawling Abattoir and Mundt’s latest, Synchronized Sleepwalking, on Kindle Countdown Sales for 99 cents this week and thanks to a BookBub email promotion today… Abattoir has hit the top! Check it out here!

Better yet… Download both books from the links below. And tell your friends to download them.

They’re cheap. And FUNNY! And probably the Best Stories You’ve Ever Read!!!



Can Martin Mundt “walk on water”?

Posted December 20, 2015

synchronizedsleepwalking-300According to the latest review of Synchronized Sleepwalking he can!  Mallory Heart Reviews wrote of Mundt’s third and most recent collection:

“After I read John Everson’s introduction to this collection, I was almost convinced Martin Mundt might walk on water. After reading Mr. Mundt’s stories, I am convinced of this truth: these stories are change agents. Every blessed one. I am not the reader who began at the beginning and read all the way through. I am different–enlightened, expanded, my imagination stretched to unaccustomed possibilities. In a sense, I’ve undergone a sort of personal apocalypse–and survived.”

The Cat After Dark blog also reviewed the book, and called it “the most unique, most original set of short stories I have ever read! Was that redundant? Let me rephrase that to get my point across. Martin Mundt’s writing is so fresh, it slaps you in the face with each story you read.”

Get your copy of Synchronized Sleepwalking — conveniently packaged in both dead tree paperback and elegant e-book formats, on today!

Just in time for Halloween – New Martin Mundt!

Posted October 25, 2015

synchronizedsleepwalking-300This week, Dark Arts Books is releasing our first brand new title in four years! In 2013, to set the stage, we reissued Martin Mundt’s long out-of-print collections The Crawling Abattoir and The Dark Underbelly of Hymns. This month, at long last, we’re publishing a brand new Martin Mundt short fiction collection! Featuring 27 stories, half of them seeing print for the first time, this is Mundt’s largest collection, and includes many of his live reading fan favorites. You do not want to miss this book, it is amazing. Here’s the description:

To sleep, perchance to dream… And in dreaming lies the danger! With Martin Mundt as your dangerous Dream Master, in the 27 tales within, you’ll visit places dark and places strange. You’ll live dreams both oddly hilarious and eerily heart-wrenching.

From a couple with a fetish for fireworks to a tower of words that reaches to the sky and beyond… from a dominatrix with a perverted parrot to a triptych of El Pollo tales of fowl revenge… from an ex-girlfriend who’d make Kathy Bates’ character in Misery seem like a good time girl to a Lovecraftian descent into the darkest magic… These dreams will kidnap your imagination and take you to places you’ve never dared before to see. Hide all the sharp objects in your bedroom and prepare for some serious Sleepwalking…

The trade paperback launched a week or so ago on Amazon, and the e-book edition just debuted today! Download it here.