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The Dark Underbelly of Hymns

By Martin Mundt

HYMN: a song in praise to God, or gods.

UNDERBELLY: the underside of an animal; an inferior or concealed part of something.

Staple these two ideas together in dark unnatural congress and you get something like a mime with Tourette’s Syndrome, shouting random obscenities at a little girl on the street. You get men (and a heavily tattooed, bodily-modified woman named Godiva – rowrrr!) who just aren’t right in the head, but who are allowed to roam the streets with razors and drivers licenses and ferrets like they’re normal, church-going people, singing normal, church-going songs, right up until that moment when you realize they’re really singing demented clown-chants. No, these stories are not hymns, but “The Dark Underbelly of Hymns”. Enjoy!

Martin Mundt’s second collection of horror, humor and the macabre contains a dozen must-read tales, including “The Worst Mime In The World” and “The ‘Nothing Good Ever Came Out Of Being Asked By Your Girlfriend If You Were A Cannibal’ Blues.”


Snatched From The Mouth Of Madness
By John Everson

So Long, Uncle Joe
By Martin Mundt

The “Nothing Good Ever Came Out Of Being Asked By Your Girlfriend If You Were A Cannibal” Blues
Forty-Eight Across
Penis In Furs
Bathroom Like A Cloud
The Worst Mime In The World
The Window
The Circus Is All
It’s A Transient Life
Dead Tired
Pennies For Mr. Heaven

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The Dark Underbelly of Hymns
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The Dark Underbelly of Hymns
Release Date: July 2013
Trade Paperback: 174 pages

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“The work of newcomer Martin Mundt is sick, insane, surreal, and thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to more.”
F. Paul Wilson,
author of The Keep and Deep As The Marrow