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fiction bleeding for you…

The Crawling Abattoir

By Martin Mundt

For a group of short stories written over a period of several years for unrelated reasons, The Crawling Abattoir wouldn’t seem a like candidate to have a theme, but it does: the hilarity of horror. The funny side of agony. Hit me with your torture-shtick!

From the desperation of a lonely necrophile deeply frustrated by unrequited corpse-love; to a really rotten clown’s long drawn-out discovery that success comes only after paying his dues in multiple broken bones, lacerated kidneys, lots and lots of blood and more; and to the horrible, horrible, (really horrible) misfortunes of Little Timmy, an innocent youngster badly mistreated by the world for no very good reason other than the reader’s enjoyment; this collection will jam a rusty icepick all the way through your funny-bone, and you’ll laugh until you cry through months of expensive, excruciating elbow rehabilitation. Enjoy!


14 Years Later, The Abattoir Crawls On
By John Everson

A Cookie With Arsenic In It
By Jay Bonansinga

Bug Mess
The Worst Clown in the World
The Reincarnation of the Dolly Llama
Emptiness, Shaped Like a Man
Kevin Bacon Killed My Girlfriend
Maniac Worm
My Love Is a Dead, Dead Rose
Road Rage
The Willies
Stuck On You

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The Crawling Abattoir
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The Crawling Abattoir
Release Date: June 2013
Trade Paperback: 194 pages

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“Martin Mundt is a nasty, warped, zero-temperature so-and-so who can’t put two words together without first snickering, then slitting their throats. No wonder reading him is such a pleasure.”
Peter Straub