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5-Star “Twisted Sick Hilarious” Praise for THE CRAWLING ABATTOIR

Posted March 27, 2016

coverMartin Mundt’s The Crawling Abattoir has been hitting the sick spot with horror readers this week. The book picked up two new 5-star reader reviews on Amazon over the last couple days.

One called it “a great collection of short stories! Obscene, funny, smart, gross and hysterical this collection is totally worth the investment!!”

The other called it a “Must Read” and described it as “Perverse, funny, twisted, sick, hilarious. Not many stories use ‘lovesick necrophiliac’ in their dialog. The stories are all great but the last one will leave you Laughing out loud.”

Download a copy and check it out here on Amazon.



Posted March 18, 2016

A new review of Martin Mundt’s SYNCHRONIZED SLEEPWALKING over at Confessions of a Book Reviewer gives the new Dark Arts Books fiction collection 5 stars and says:

“It possesses some of the most bizarre stories I have ever read. It possesses probably the best short story I have ever read in ‘The Pale Blue Zenith of the Sky.’ It possesses one of the scariest stories I have ever read in ‘To Continue Forever.’ It possesses probably the funniest trilogy of stories I have read about a super hero chicken, ‘El Pollo.’

What it definitely shows us is the varied and mighty impressive imagination of Martin Mundt. Sometimes horrific, sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, his writing is just fantastic. His pacing is perfect. His use of language and vocabulary super and so perfectly fitting for each and every story.”

Check out the full review here… and then… follow the links and check out the book. Because… I know… you’re going to love it!!!


THE CRAWLING ABATTOIR hits #1 on Amazon Horror Humor Chart!

Posted March 2, 2016

Martin Mundt’s The Crawling Abattoir has just hit #1 on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller’s List for Horror Humor!!! And it’s actually in the top 525 sellers on all of Amazon right now!

Dark Arts Books put both The Crawling Abattoir and Mundt’s latest, Synchronized Sleepwalking, on Kindle Countdown Sales for 99 cents this week and thanks to a BookBub email promotion today… Abattoir has hit the top! Check it out here!

Better yet… Download both books from the links below. And tell your friends to download them.

They’re cheap. And FUNNY! And probably the Best Stories You’ve Ever Read!!!