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Women in Horror Month: Spotlight on SINS OF THE SIRENS

Posted February 23, 2012

Sins of the SirensFebruary is Women in Horror Month, and we’re pretty excited that Dreadful Tales has devoted this entire week to spotlighting Dark Arts Books’ own tribute to literary femme fatales, Sins of the Sirens. It’s perfect timing too, as we’ve just launched the e-book edition on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Dreadful Tales opened the week with an introduction to Sins of the Sirens and have since been publishing interviews with the authors and reviews of the stories. Read all the posts here:

Often the “gentler sex” offers the darkest dreams. Check out a copy of Sins of the Sirens and celebrate some of our favorite Women in Horror!


At Last – Dark Arts eBooks!

Posted February 20, 2012

It’s been awhile in coming, but Dark Arts Books has finally launched most of its anthologies in e-book format (the last couple titles are in development now).

So if you’ve been looking for some great twisted fiction to download to your Kindle or Nook, please follow the links below to download a copy to your Kindle, Nook, iPad, whatever… :

Candy in the Dumpster
Barnes & Noble

Waiting For
Barnes & Noble

Swallowed By
The Cracks
Barnes & Noble

Sins of the Sirens
Barnes & Noble

Like A Chinese Tattoo
Barnes & Noble


~ HorrorWorld says SWALLOWED BY THE CRACKS is “Outstanding”

Posted February 2, 2012

HorrorWorld recently posted a great review of the latest Dark Arts anthology SWALLOWED BY THE CRACKS. The review notes:

While the Horror small press has seen numerous high-profile anthologies over the past few years, few of them have been as satisfying as the ones Dark Arts Books have been quietly publishing. Their latest, Swallowed By The Cracks, continues the tradition of high quality multi-Author anthologies, with four Authors contributing four stories apiece. No theme, anything goes….and once again, Dark Arts brings out the best in its anthology contributors.

Read the full review: here.