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Swallowed By The Cracks debuts at WHC 2011

Posted May 14, 2011

Dark Arts Books has launched most of our titles at the annual World Horror Convention, and at the end of last month in Austin, TX, we debuted our seventh collection at the 2011 edition of WHC.  Swallowed by the Cracks, featuring four stories each from Lee Thomas, Gary McMahon, S. G. Browne and Michael Marshall Smith, came back from the printer just a couple days before the con —  it’s our largest collection ( 308 pages) and includes some of the best stories we’ve ever published!

Gary McMahon, S. G. Browne, John Everson

Gary McMahon, S. G. Browne, John Everson at the Swallowed by the Cracks debut reading.

Lee Thomas, Gary McMahon and S. G. Browne were all in attendance at WHC 2011, and Swallowed by the Cracks co-editor John Everson was also on-hand to host a special debut reading by McMahon and Browne to launch the book.

Thanks to Martel Sardina for shooting most of the reading photos, and also thanks to Roy Robbins at Bad Moon Books for hosting a special Dark Arts Books section of his dealer’s room table so that we could display and sell our catalog of titles.

If you haven’t taken a look at Swallowed by the Cracks, click here.


Do not look at anymore pictures from the convention (which get bigger if you click on them, by the way). Do not consider getting any Candy from a dumpster. Go get Swallowed.


If you need more than these words to provoke you, how about words from the book? S. G. Browne has posted an excerpt of one of his stories from Swallowed at his blog. Check out “Dr. Lullabye” now. And then… buy the book.

Assuming you now have the book in hand… here are a couple more photos from the convention:

Gary McMahon and S. G. Browne Gary McMahon and S. G. Browne Gary McMahon reading at the Swallowed by the Cracks debut Liz and Roy from Bad Moon Books WHC 2011 Dealer's RoomGary McMahon on the Commonwealth Horror panel (photo courtesy of Deb Kuhn)


WHC 2010 in Brighton – It was a blast!

Posted April 4, 2010

The World Horror Convention 2010 in Brighton, UK was a blast.  Dark Arts Books’ co-publisher Bill Breedlove ran a table in the dealer’s room and threw a launch party for our sixth release, When The Night Comes Down. And our PR maven Martel Sardina was seemingly everywhere at the con, helping with both Dark Arts promotion and running the WHC reading track.

You can read Bill’s thumbnail summary of the con (nicked from Gary McMahon) at his blog.


Dark Arts Books @ World Horror Convention 2008

Posted April 14, 2008

On March 29, 2008, for your late-night cocktailing pleasure… DARK ARTS BOOKS hosted the first (and quite possibly the last) Annual Stay Up Late Pajama Party at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City!!!

The party was a phenomenal success and lasted most of the night, but we closed the doors around 4:30 a.m. so the room could be clean by 6 a.m.!

Special thanks to  our bartenders Martel Sardina, Dark Arts co-publisher Bill Breedlove and Whitney Lakin,  who kept everybody in their cups.

The party lasted most of the night, but we closed the doors around 4:30 a.m. so the room could be clean by 6 a.m.! Below are some of the pictures we took from the evening, which celebrated the debut of the Dark Arts anthologies Sins of the Sirens and Like a Chinese Tattoo. We can’t tag every photo in the collection (OK, we could, but I’m not going to!), but the first row spotlights our bartenders Martel Sardina, Dark Arts co-publisher Bill Breedlove and Whitney Lakin, with Dark Arts author Adam Pepper. Dark Arts co-publisher John Everson roamed the party with silk robe and camera, (and consequently turns up in way too many photos!)

Also in attendance were Dark Arts authors Loren Rhoads, Maria Alexander and Cullen Bunn. Scores of people turned up for the bash, which started right after the Bram Stoker Awards, including some of these pictured below: Mort Castle, Larry Roberts, Edward Bryant, Alexandra Sokoloff, Sarah Langan, Gerard Houarner, Linda Addison, Bailey Hunter, Eunice Magill, Cody Goodfellow, Jimmy Z, Jeremy Lassen, Alan Beatts, Jude Feldman, Christopher Treagus, Kelly Laymon, Wrath James White, Weston Ochse, Bill Gagliani, Dave Benton, John Palisano, Gord Rollo, Monica Kuebler, Lynne Hansen and many, many more.

Martel SardinaBill BreedloveWhitney Lakin Adam Pepper
John Everson and Erin GallowayBill Breedlove and Whitney LakinGerard Houarner, Adam Pepper, John Everson and Linda Addison
John Everson with Larry and Debra RobertsBill Gagliani, Mort Castle, Dave BentonAlexandra Sokoloff

Gerard Houarner and Adam PepperLinda Addison's Batman PJs

Monica Kuebler and Lynne Hansen
Maria Alexander and Jeremy LassenEunice Magill and Cody Goodfellow John Everson and Eunice Magill
Edward Bryant and John EversonMaria Alexander and Loren RhoadsKelly Laymon and John Everson
Loren Rhoads, Alan Beatts, Jude FeldmanDave Benton drinking John Everson's Newcastle, with Bill Gagliani, politely leaving the Newcastle alone.
Martel Sardina and John EversonMaria Alexander, John Palisano and Sarah Langan
Bailey Hunter and Wrath James WhiteJimmy Z and Cullen Bunn
Sarah Langan and John EversonMichelle Stockdale and Gord RolloBill Gagliani, Chris Treagus, Dave Benton

Bailey Hunter and John EversonCody Goodfellow and Adam PepperDebbie Kuhn and John Everson
Weston OchseWeston's shirt Bailey Hunter and Bill Breedlove

And a few more photos, courtesy of Loren Rhoads and occasional guest photographer Jude Feldman:

Sleepwear Strongly Encouraged