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Welcome To Dark Arts Books...

Each of our titles feature multiple stories by four authors, providing "sampler" anthologies of the finest writers in modern horror. Since 2006, we've published seven anthologies, been written up in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, Cemetery Dance and Rue Morgue, and been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. To solidify our position as a serious, highbrow press, we staged the first-ever World Horror Convention Pajama Party in 2008!

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Can Martin Mundt “walk on water”?

Posted December 20, 2015

synchronizedsleepwalking-300According to the latest review of Synchronized Sleepwalking he can!  Mallory Heart Reviews wrote of Mundt’s third and most recent collection:

“After I read John Everson’s introduction to this collection, I was almost convinced Martin Mundt might walk on water. After reading Mr. Mundt’s stories, I am convinced of this truth: these stories are change agents. Every blessed one. I am not the reader who began at the beginning and read all the way through. I am different–enlightened, expanded, my imagination stretched to unaccustomed possibilities. In a sense, I’ve undergone a sort of personal apocalypse–and survived.”

The Cat After Dark blog also reviewed the book, and called it “the most unique, most original set of short stories I have ever read! Was that redundant? Let me rephrase that to get my point across. Martin Mundt’s writing is so fresh, it slaps you in the face with each story you read.”

Get your copy of Synchronized Sleepwalking — conveniently packaged in both dead tree paperback and elegant e-book formats, on today!


Just in time for Halloween – New Martin Mundt!

Posted October 25, 2015

synchronizedsleepwalking-300This week, Dark Arts Books is releasing our first brand new title in four years! In 2013, to set the stage, we reissued Martin Mundt’s long out-of-print collections The Crawling Abattoir and The Dark Underbelly of Hymns. This month, at long last, we’re publishing a brand new Martin Mundt short fiction collection! Featuring 27 stories, half of them seeing print for the first time, this is Mundt’s largest collection, and includes many of his live reading fan favorites. You do not want to miss this book, it is amazing. Here’s the description:

To sleep, perchance to dream… And in dreaming lies the danger! With Martin Mundt as your dangerous Dream Master, in the 27 tales within, you’ll visit places dark and places strange. You’ll live dreams both oddly hilarious and eerily heart-wrenching.

From a couple with a fetish for fireworks to a tower of words that reaches to the sky and beyond… from a dominatrix with a perverted parrot to a triptych of El Pollo tales of fowl revenge… from an ex-girlfriend who’d make Kathy Bates’ character in Misery seem like a good time girl to a Lovecraftian descent into the darkest magic… These dreams will kidnap your imagination and take you to places you’ve never dared before to see. Hide all the sharp objects in your bedroom and prepare for some serious Sleepwalking…

The trade paperback launched a week or so ago on Amazon, and the e-book edition just debuted today! Download it here.

New in Paperback from Dark Arts Books!

Posted September 16, 2013

Over the past few months, Dark Arts Books has been re-issuing the early short fiction collections from Martin Mundt and John Everson.  We led off with e-book editions, but now you can get all four of these dark gems in paperback — the way the devil intended!

This is the first time that Everson’s first collection, Cage of Bones, or Mundt’s The Dark Underbelly of Hymns have ever appeared in paperback — both were originally limited hardcover-only editions from Delirium Books.

Stop by the Dark Arts Books Store or visit our page on to order a copy. Or to read more about what sorts of decadent dreams and naughty necrophiles live within their pages, just click on the book covers below.

Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions he Dark Underbelly of Hymns

The Crawling Abattoir Vigilantes of Love